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Inside Kit:

(1) 1/4" Orange First Place Superband

(1) 1/2" Black First Place Superband

(2) Light resistance yellow Miniband

(2) Medium resistance green Miniband

(2) Heavy resistance black Miniband

(1) Level 4 Orange First Place Exercise Band

(1) 18" PB Elite Firm Round Molded Foam Roller

(1) PB Drawstring Bag

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Elevate Fitness is a private studio specializing in personal training, semi- private training, and group training.

We are dedicated to going above and beyond our clients expectations and aim to make every session better than the next. 


I was never one to last more than a month on any workout program until my wife finally convinced me to go meet with the folks at Elevate. Over the last several years, Gary and Jill have transformed my view of the role that fitness, and personal trainers in particular, can play in one’s life. Not only have they dramatically helped my overall sense of fitness/health, they have become dear friends and trusted advisors. I can’t say more about how dedicated and knowledgeable everyone is at Elevate. Even if you have the most dim outlook on fitness (like I did), please give Elevate a shot—it will change your life!
— D.H
“I have been an Elevate client for almost 8 years now, and I still love the sessions and the results. There is no drudgery because no two workouts are the same. Gary and Jill have made me a better athlete, brought me back from injuries, and made me love having fitness as part of my life. I have worked over the years with most of the trainers and every single one is professional and upbeat while tailoring each session so that I get the best possible workout. Looking forward to the next 8 years!”
— VC
I have been a devoted Elevate disciple for over 6 years and there’s no slowing down. All the trainers there know how to push you hard without compromising proper form. You can go to any of them and know you are getting their full attention and you will walk out feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time! I still play competitive sports and am a mother of 4 and the Elevate trainers keep me healthy, in shape and feeling great!
— L.W
Simply the best! I have been a client for the past 5 years and whatever the goal this team has prepared me for success. Whether you are looking for injury recovery training, sport specific training or just general fitness this is the place to be. All of the trainers work to understand you and your goals delveloping very unique individual training plans. They know just how to push you to the limits so that you achieve and exceed your targets.
— J.L
“My husband and I have been clients for almost 2 years. Neither of us has ever wanted to join a gym before but the trainers at Elevate make sure to really listen to each client to understand their specific goals and implement an effective and fun plan to attain those goals. I have been consistently impressed with the attention the trainers pay to positioning, they are attentive and careful to make sure that no one gets injured and they work within people’s abilities, motivating without pushing too hard. I really love that the workout is different each time I go, it never gets stale and the trainers are all amazingly kind and fun people. I was never a gym person but Elevate is not a typical gym. I can’t recommend it more!
— J.C
Let’s be honest, getting up to work out at 6am sucks...but as soon as you walk through the doors of Elevate Fitness, you are consistently greeted with a smile and your day starts to pick up. I’ve only worked specifically with Angelo but all the trainers that I’ve encountered have been personable, compassionate and focused. They push you to reach your potential without being pushy. They motivate but understand your limitations. They don’t try to “sell” you on anything. They are your partners in your health goals and do everything they can do help you succeed. Workouts are never boring and are varied each time I go. The trainers are always focused - you pay for their time and expertise and you absolutely get it. I won’t train anywhere else. Other nice details: water is provided via a dispenser, fresh towels are provided, facilities are impeccably clean (from the gym itself to the bathroom/showers), and the equipment is up-to-date and in excellent condition. If you want to turn your morning workout dread into delight - you have to check out Elevate Fitness.
— E.C
I have been working out for 20 years now with trainers but in all that time the past 4 at Elevate has been the best. In all my time at this gym I have NEVER DONE THE SAME WORKOUT TWICE! I have had the pleasure of working out with Gary, Jill, Alex, Bonnie and Angelo, each has a unique style that makes working out an amazing experience.
— C.S

Private Training


Personal training is tailored specifically to the individual's needs to maximize results in the most efficient way possible, creating a fun and motivational environment for you.

Group Training

group workout doing ab crunches over yoga ball

If you love great workouts with friends, you need to check this out. Fun, Energetic and a little bit of craziness is what you'll find in these group training classes.


young females doing yoga at gym class

Learn how to become flexible and strong all at the same time. Performance yoga is a mix of traditional yoga with an emphasis on alignment principals.

Our Classes

Get Ripped

Resistance and body weight training...Specifically programmed to get the most out of all your muscle groups and get you RIPPED! 

Rise & Grind

This class combines several different modalities from strength training to sports condition and tailors it to any ability in order to improve overall health.  Using simple principles, it allows you to not only effectively build muscle while burning fat, but also teaches you how to move and function better in everyday life. Come sweat, build and burn for this challenging hour!

Dynamic Mobility Yoga

The latest sport science research proves that dynamic stretching is the single best type of stretching to do before any type of sport or workout. Your body will be primed and lubricated from the inside out. Dynamic Mobility Yoga provides the muscles a warm up for increased joint mobilization, helping to prepare your body for optimal performance.

Other Fitness info

Directions & Parking

We are located at 1545 East Putnam Avenue. We have free parking at our gym. We will see you soon!

Cancellation Policy

Trainer requires 24 hour advance notice on all cancellations, or you will be charged for the session. A missed session will be regarded as a cancellation 

Client Form

In order to design a safe and effective fitness program it is important that you complete the following Health History. 

Elevate Fitness Gym Old Greenwich